Hiring Bert

Thank you for making the decision to find out more about working with Bertwin Lord Consulting.  Send us an email or call our hotline at +1(844)888-4468.

STEP 1, Phone Interview: You and Bert will have a phone interview where we will discuss your needs and find a way to work together.  The phone consultation is always free.

STEP 2, Preliminary Discovery Session: You and Bert will decide on a plan of action moving forward where you can have Bert come out to your location and conduct a preliminary discovery session. We would ask that you cover Bert’s transportation to your location, lodging for nights he will need to stay on location, and a rate of $1,000 per day.  The preliminary discovery session taken 2-5 days based upon your needs.  We will have an agreement of how many days required prior to the visit being scheduled. Bert will develop a preliminary discovery report for this session that covers the areas requested.

STEP 3, Plan of Action: From the preliminary discovery session Bert will develop a project plan for you (your company) that will include the preliminary discovery report and the required actions to get from the current status to the desired status based upon management input.  Bert will discuss this plan and implementation requirements.  We will work on this plan until both Bert and you are in agreement with what is required moving forward.  This cost of this report varies from customer to customer but so far has cost anywhere from $5,000 to $280,000 based upon duration and complexity.  The Plan of Action will include the costs for implementation.

STEP 4, Plan Implementation: Once we have a plan of action you can choose to take the plan and implement it on your own or have Bert at your side for the duration you require.  A cost plan will be agreed to and can be modified moving forward as the plan matures.  Many customers choose to have Bert implement the entire plan where other choose to have Bert help get the plan started and then Bert will step back as the company takes the plan and moves forward. The costs for this vary with the level of involvement but we have a standard billing rate based upon who is involved.  The following pricing is an example of the hourly rate charged by our staff.

    • $300/hr   Principal Consultant
    • $250/hr   Partner Consultant
    • $200/hr   Associate
    • $125/hr   Administrative Assistant

STEP 5, Plan Monitoring and Modification: In all plans there are modification that have to be made.  During the creation of the Plan of Action and during Plan Implementation metrics have been established that will determine the success by which the plan is being implemented and accepted by the company.  Modifications may need to be made.  Bert is ready and willing to work with you to ensure meaningful metrics are being collected and that the plan is on track.  When modifications need to be made these can be discussed an implemented seamlessly.  Plan monitoring is completed by an associate and billed at $200/hr unless a specific fixed rate monitoring plan is put in place and then prices will vary based upon complexity.  Monitoring plans range from $500 to $12,000 per month and many clients think of this as a retainer.  Modification plans are often included in the original price for implementation of the plan unless the modification is viewed as new business and then an agreement would be reached at that moment based upon the hourly rate agreement put in place with Plan Implementation.

STEP 6, Normalizing and Feedback: Often times as something new is introduced to a company there is a learning curve and it takes time for people to get used to something new.  Throughout the process we emphasize involvement of all stakeholders so they take ownership of the new process.  Bert will work with you and your staff to ensure that all modifications are viewed as improvements and become part of the company culture.  We also want to ensure we instill a reporting and feedback culture throughout the company to ensure that all great ideas are passed through to the right departments and all staff feel like they are being heard.  When a change is put in place that is the result of an employee we want to reward that employee openly and let them know their ideas are not only heard but implemented when appropriate.  The answers to most of our questions and problems lie within the capability of our qualified staff.  During this phase a retainer agreement is put in place with a minimum of $500 per month and will increase with complexity and anticipated hourly billing.

STEP 7, Periodic Review: As you get back to the business of doing what you do best there can be a slipping in focus on the business and operational processes.  We can offer a periodic review where we will come in and take a look at the process and see if everything is running smoothly.  Periodic review plans are usually fixed multi-year agreements based upon the periodicity (3 month, 6 month, 12 month) of the review and who conducts the review.  A standard plan would be to conduct a full review after six months of plan implementation with 4 hours from a principal consultant, 8 hours from a partner consultant, 40 hours from an associate, and 120 hours for administrative assistants for $25,000 and then each six months for two years after that reducing to 2 hours from a principal consultant, 2 hours from a partner consultant, 20 hours from an associate, and 80 hours for administrative assistants for $15,00, and then reducing to a set annual assessment each year for $10,000.  All plans are different and are modified based upon client needs.

OPTION 1: Once we have worked with a company they will often retain our services to have immediate access to Bert to answer questions.  We do offer advisory plans at varying rates based upon utilization.  All plans start at $500/month and come with two hours of Bert’s time or four hours of another consultants time.  If the customer wants to ensure they have more access to Bert then the advisory plan can be increased.

These plans and options are listed to give you an idea of how we can work together.  Each customer has their own needs and all plans are customized for each customer.  We are a boutique firm and we concentrate on quality vice quantity.  Contact us today for a no cost interview and we can find out if we are a fit for each other.  Go ahead – Be The Verb!!



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